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Nov 12, 2012 7:00am PST
-- emissions but may also sell them. they hope to drive california toward a clean energy economy. >>> the chp wants to know if you are too sleep foy drive. better keep our eyes open. because the chp is launching a week-long crackdown on croucy driving. the chp says drowsy driving is about as dangerous as driving drunk. >>> coming up on 7:24. hoping everyone is wide awake behind the wheel. how are things going in downtown san jose? >> okay. we've been looking at one of the slowest commutes on a regular monday. i want to show you 280, northbound right to downtown on the right. you can see traffic is just fine. just a lot of schools today are observing veterans day, even though veterans day was yesterday. but right now, it's having an effect on the commute. looking at the east bay, southbound 880, southbound 8 0 they are clearing a crash -- 880 they are clearing a crash. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. >>> a lot of 30s. let's get used to that. the afternoon highs will come up a little bit. at least through wednesday or thursday and then we'll see have to if we get clouds in here. reall
Nov 19, 2012 7:00am PST
caught that blast just off of the louisiana coast. the explosion was at a black elk energy oil platform. 11 people were hurt. one worker was killed. another one still missing. >>> well, there is a meeting today they will be talking about the chevron refinery in richmond. coming up at 7:42, why one group says people in the east bay are still at risk in nearly four months after the fire at that refinery. >>> it is 7:15. afghan president hamid karzai is not happy that u.s. forces are still arresting and holding afghan prisoners. despite an agreement that now gives the power to afghanistan. karzai said the continued u.s. involvement in the arrest and imprisonment of afghan the is "completely against the agreement that's been signed." but the u.s. wants the agreement to detain prisoners that they believe are too dangerous to release. >>> this is video of paula broadwell arriving back home in charlotte, north carolina, with her husband yesterday. broadwell spent last week at her brother's home in washington, d.c. a friend of broadwell's says she deeply regrets the damage that's been done to h
Nov 15, 2012 7:00am PST
very popular energy drink. the concerns that it could be linked to more than a dozen deaths. >> police are trying to catch an arsonist, we'll tell you about the latest fires police believe he set just last night. >> parents in san jose have a lot of questions about why a registered sex offender was allowed at their children's school. we'll tell you why he was not arrested, and we'll have more on the sheriff's department investigation. >>> passengers report being stuck at airports or runways some people say they've been waiting for up to two hours this morning. for the flights to take off. united blames a computer out damage. this is video from news chopper 2 taken of sfo. you can see united planes parked at the terminal this is at least the third major computer outage for united since june. and it happens with continental. the passengers are being told by pilots and airport agents that the computers are down and they don't know when the system will returned. of course, this does not bode well for the airlines. it's a week from thanksgiving, and that's when holiday travel sta
Nov 17, 2012 7:00am PST
energy drinks. those drinks include full throttle, red bull, amp and 5-hour energy drink. the push from an illinois senator and connecticut senator comes after 13 deaths were linked to 5-hour energy shots. san francisco city attorney has also asked energy drink companies to provide more information about marketing their products. >>> well, it is soon going to cost you a little more to send out your mail. postal regulators approved boosting first class postage by another penny, raising the price of the first class domestic stamp to 46-cents. the rate hike is set to take effect january 27th, tied to the rate of inflation. . >>> more than $200,000 worth of fake designer goods in orange county this weekend is part of a six-month crackdown of makers of false brand name items. designer counter fits are a growing problem and authorities seized more than $8 billion worth of fake goods in 2011, a 24% increase over the previous year. >>> for the first time, los angeles officers will patrol today's football between ucla and usc, coming two years after a fight between dozens of fans left two m
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4